One of leading global logistics provider in UAE
Seaman Shipping LLC was established in 2005, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group of Dubai

Seaman Shipping LLC is active as a slot operator in the Middle East, South Africa and South East Asia. Seaman Shipping LLC provides an extensive coverage of services with multiple frequency..

As margins in our industry grow ever-leaner, shipping companies, both large and small, look to obtain maximum utilization of slots deployed. By trading slots, lines create a ‘virtual currency’, and this synergy is the basis for seaman shipping’s trading pattern.

The result is a network of shipping opportunities, especially auto spare parts, lubricants other general trading items for smaller and bigger parcels, with a multiplicity of sailings, creating a frequency which is among the very best available.


  • Shipment is deemed to be binding acceptance of our quote, payment terms and our B/L terms stated below.
  • All rates quoted are in US Dollars.
  • All quoted rates are either on FIO or CY terms, as specified in the rate quote.
  • All quoted rates are per teu unless otherwise specified.
  • CBR / WRP surcharges are subject to change without notice.
  •  Imco surcharges quoted are applicable for all imco shipments unless otherwise stated. Class 1 shall be quoted separately on application. (Imco class 7 not accepted).

DG Disclaimer Clause:

  •  All DGs are subject to approval and acceptance.
  •  It is the box owner’s responsibility to ensure that the cargo is able to be discharge at POD/Transshipment.

THRU B/L Port Handling Charges

THRU rates are quoted including the prevailing relay port PHC tariff. If any change in port tariff, the additional will be paid by the customer.

  • Notwithstanding any other agreement/understanding that may exist, it is expressly understood that containers booked with us and loaded on your account will be released, at the discharge port, without presentation of Original Bills of Lading. Star Feeders will not be held liable for claims for wrongful delivery.

Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions

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To offer an unrivaled logistics service in the delivery of our business proposition & to be defined by our customers & peers as a premier logistical business. To develop mutually beneficial partnerships that supports our community role objectives for the good & benefit of our stakeholders; customers, colleagues, suppliers & the next generation.


Connecting people, businesses and communities to a better future – through logistics.

Core Values

As a business our aim is not to simply offer services but instead thrive in the manner in which we do so, encouraging those who we work alongside whether they be employees, suppliers and clients.
Following our Core Values allow our teams perform at desired levels delivering a fresh thinking, dedicated and dynamic output.